Give the slope and y intercept 6x-3y=-9

Accepted Solution

To find the slope and the y-intercept of this equation, we need to first convert it to slope-intercept form. (y = mx + b)

To convert it, we need to first isolate the y term by subtracting 6x from both sides of the equation.

6x - 6x - 3y = -9 - 6x

-3y = -9 - 6x

Now that the y term is on one side of the equation, we can continue.

Divide everything on the left side of the equation by the coefficient on the right side of the equation. In this case, the number is 3.

y = -3 - 2x

Flip some of those numbers around to get this:

y = 2x - -3

Get rid of the double negative. (Change 2x - -3 into 2x + 3)

y = 2x + 3

Now that we've converted the equation, we can identify the slope (the number beside x) and y-intercept (the number that stands alone)

Slope: 2
Y-intercept: 3